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Our goal is to be by your side in this journey to become a happier, healthier YOU! We focus specifically on the nervous system to restore the connection between the brain and the body. We are highly trained to analyze the spine for areas of dysfunction and correct those areas, with safe and gentle adjustments to restore your body's normal function! 

We're here for your short and long term health needs. In our office we see AMAZING results with neck pain, back pain, headaches, and sciatica symptoms. But our patient's also experience other benefits such as improved sleep & focus, better posture, increased range of motion, decreased anxiety & stress and enhanced athletic performance!



Before Your Visit


After scheduling your first appointment with one of our doctors, we ask you to bring in our paperwork to expedite the process. A member of our team can send you the appropriate forms or you can download them here!

*For ages 10 and under use KIDS form

Your First Visit


Your first appointment allows us to connect with you and learn about specific concerns and health goals you have.

After your assessment we will dive into a comprehensive exam, spinal assessment, and images when necessary. This allows us to get a better picture of how your nervous system is working. 

Please allow 30-40 minutes per person for this first visit! 



Report of Findings

When you return, the doctor will review the details of your initial exam findings. They will personalize a care plan that reaches your health goals and answer every single question or concern you may have! 

This is always an exciting visit, as you finally get a plan of action to get your health and healing on track! 



Unless there are concerns to address, we will begin the healing process on your first visit with an adjustment! 

Both of our doctors are Prenatal, Pediatric and Webster certified so they are equipped with the skills to adjust all ages of the family. They have the knowledge to facilitate safe, gentle and effective adjustments to your spine to allow your nervous system to function at its best!

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