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The Most Asked Question at Apex Chiropractic

Let’s talk about a question we get asked all the time, what do adjustments really do?

First, let’s define the adjustment. As Doctor’s of Chiropractic we focus on removing Subluxations (when bones are misaligned and placing pressure on nerves) from the spine. We use the chiropractic adjustment to remove these interferences, and they are gentle and effective maneuvers to restore proper bone alignment! Another cool thing about chiropractic adjustments is that there are many different techniques but ALL of them work!

Now that we know what an adjustment is we can explore what adjustments do. We mentioned above about different adjustment techniques. Some adjustments will make the “cracking/popping” sound chiropractors are often associated with while others won’t cause the cavitation (crack/pop sound) at all. In our office we have the training to use multiple techniques!

But let’s get to the burning question of what an adjustment does!

When we make adjustments to the spine, bones move and sometimes we can hear those bones move, which releases pressure. For example, when we adjust the lower back it’s important to understand that our whole body is resting on a joint that is just 2 inches wide. When we make adjustments there, many times you’ll feel the pressure release from those joints.

Also when we make adjustments, and move the vertebra, that adds mobility. Mobility is critical for circulation. In fact how well we move is a large indication of how much circulation we have in our body. If we are all rigid we don’t have much circulation and mobility in our muscles so as we improve movement and mobility in these joints then our circulation is improved.

Another critical effect of an adjustment is that it has the capability to slow down the arthritic process. When we get adjusted it’s keeping joints moving properly. It’s like when lubricating a hinge, if you ignore the hinge it’s gonna rust. And our bodies show signs of rust through the “wear and tear” arthritis known as degenerative joint disease. If our joints aren’t moving properly it will only worsen and cause earlier onset of arthritis in our spine!

So far we know that adjustment releases pressure, improves mobility & circulation and slows down the arthritic process. But what chiropractic anchors to, is the restorative effect on the nerves and nerve power. Essentially adjustments have the capacity to restore proper nerve flow and power of the brain's signals going into the body!!

Chiropractic is a simple anatomical principle. If a vertebrae shifts and puts pressure on nerves it causes irritation and wherever that nerve goes in the body is going to suffer. And the only way to fix it is by adjusting the spine to make sure the nerve holes are wide open allowing 100% of nerve flow into the body.

So there’s your answer. Adjustments have stimulating effects on nerves and the body's central nerve system! Adjustments also release pressure, add mobility, improve circulation, restore motion and slow down arthritic processes. All of these cool things happen on a physiological, biological and anatomical level, let alone what it can do for YOU!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Dr. Tyler Jackson or Dr. Brittany Harrill. Apex Chiropractic and Wellness is located at 120 Unionville Indian Trail Rd C-102 Indian Trail, NC 28079. We are always accepting new patients! To schedule, call (704) 821-5000 or visit our website at

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