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How Your Bones Can Affect Your Health!

Let's talk about how chiropractic works. I can easily spend 2-3 hours discussing how it works so I’ll try to break it down as briefly as I can.

It all begins with 2 cells that come together and from these, a brain is formed. From the brain a spinal cord develops which will create the rest of the nerves that run throughout the remainder of your body. The cells differentiate as they build so 2 becomes 4 and then 4 becomes 8 and so on. The first group of cells that are created make up the brain. The brain then creates the spinal cord which then creates the rest of the nerves in your body. So the nervous system is the founding formation of the body. Once the brain is made, it tells all the cells within the body what to turn into, whether it be the lungs, liver, skin, muscle, hair.

The brain is very important and your body is smart and aware of this! So it builds a protective case around it called the skull. And not only does the body know to form bone around the brain but it also knows it needs to protect the spinal cord. The bone casing around the entire spinal cord is called the spine. The spine is simply made up of multiple vertebrae that are separated by discs. This allows it to be moveable so you are able to bend, twist and move around.

What can happen since they are moveable is they can move out of place. The way they move out of place is by doing every day activities such as picking up your child, sitting at a computer for long periods of time, playing golf or tennis with the repetitive movement, or working out in the yard. Those vertebra are going to shift out of place and put pressure on those nerves.

If one of the vertebrae slips back then it can put pressure on the nerve affecting wherever that nerve goes. For example, if the vertebra known as C6 shifts out of place it will put pressure on the nerves that supply your neck muscles, shoulders and tonsils. This could lead to neck stiffness, pain in upper arm, tonsillitis or even a chronic cough. When these bones move out of place it is often what causes a person to have pain!! You can chase the pain or the symptoms with things such as muscle relaxers, pain pills or other other options or you can simply just take the pressure off of the nerve.

Another great example is when you are exercising and your brain realizes that you need more blood flow to the muscles so it sends signals to the heart to pump faster. If there is an interference on the nerve to the heart then it may only get 65% of the message instead of the full 100%. The goal of chiropractic is for you to have 100% of function, 100% of the time.

To recap, your brain tells every organ, cell, tissue in the body what to do. Your brain uses the spinal cord and nerves to send and interpret messages from the body. When you were developing, your body formed a protective case around your brain and spinal cord known as your skull and vertebrae. The vertebrae are movable to allow our bodies to function and enjoy things we love. When these vertebrae move out of place they put pressure on nerves causing symptoms such as pain. And the only way to correct this is by properly aligning your bones which will ensure proper nerve flow from the brain to the body, often resulting in less pain but most importantly allowing your body to function at 100%!

Apex Chiropractic and Wellness is located at 120 Unionville Indian Trail Rd C-102 Indian Trail, NC 28079. Dr. Tyler Jackson and Dr. Brittany Harrill are always accepting new patients! To schedule, call (704) 821-5000 or visit our website at

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