At Apex Chiropractic we want you to know that children can also receive benefits of chiropractic care. We know you may have questions so lets talk...

How can you possibly adjust a child? 

We use a gentle, non-invasive adjustment technique specifically for children of varying ages. For example with infants/newborns we would only use the amount of pressure that you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. 

Why would children need chiropractic care?

Well for starters, birth is a traumatic experience and can be the first event for your little one to endure spinal stress.  Babies are constantly bumping into things and falling while they are learning to walk. As children get older, they tend to fall off their bikes, bump their head at the playground, and get involved in numerous sports injuries. These spinal stresses will build up in the body over a child's lifetime. So chiropractic care is used to restore alignment and nerve function to allow your child optimal growth and development.

What are the benefits to adjusting my child?


Chiropractic adjustments for children restores proper nerve function to allow benefits such as:

Improved breast feeding


Digestive problems


Decrease anxiety

Ear infections

When can I schedule my child for an appointment? 

NOW! We have several ways to reach us and we are looking forward to serving your entire family!

You can call 704-821-5000

Email us at

                   to get our intake form for you child!*

*Note: Pediatric forms are used for children 12 and under. 

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